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It's Your Health, Your Life – Who has a greater stake in the health care equation than you?

Crucial component.

It’s now widely accepted that the patient’s viewpoint is a crucial component to the delivery of care, yet these efforts generally focus on training the care team to engage with the patient – without directly addressing how to equip the patient to be part of the care team.

That’s what we do. We make sure that you have the knowledge and tools we all need to make sure you receive the best care possible.

Have you experienced a health care encounter that you either know, suspect or wish could have gone better? Every health care provider certainly has.

Reading through this site will give you a good idea of why it’s important to become an aware, vigilant, prepared partner in your care and in support of those you love.

We prepare for other life events like camping, weddings, job interviews and grocery shopping. When properly equipped before a crisis, you can have a positive impact on your experience and outcome.


The more people in our communities who learn to be collaborators in their care, the better our care will become. The key is to gain the skills when you’re able to focus, take on new information and practice in a non-stressful space. That’s why we bring our workshops to the community through employer, hospital and community-sponsored events.


Health Care Systems

Hospitals, Clinics, Allied Health – What your patient engagement efforts are missing.

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Executives, HR Professionals, Health & Safety Professionals – A wellness benefit that truly gives back.

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We coach health care consumers to be informed, assertive, collaborative, essential voices in their care.