Creating a Culture of Collaborative Care

We’re better together.

Efforts to improve patient experience and safety will forever fall short until patients and their care partners are actively involved in every aspect of care as critical members of their own health care team


Health care professionals are equipped with tools of their trade. Who equips patients?

We do.

Patients are powerful partners in their care when they're prepared before a crisis. Through employer, community and hospital-sponsored workshops we coach health care consumers to be informed, assertive, collaborative, essential voices in their care.

Our mission - create a Culture of Collaborative Care

To build the expectation of – and provide the tools for – an inclusive, mutually respectful health care relationship that taps into everyone’s expertise towards the best possible outcomes.

Our onsite program for health care settings provides intake coaching with easy-to-use behavior-based tools for patients and families as well as workshops for health care professionals to create the synergy necessary for the safest, most effective care.


"I learned how to speak up on my own behalf, how to get clear answers and have a voice in every decision regarding my cancer. I wish I’d known about it before my diagnosis!"

- Steve B.


Patients, Families, and Communities

It’s your life. Your health.
Be engaged.

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Executives, HR Professionals, Health & Safety Professionals – A wellness benefit that truly gives back.

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Health Care Systems

Hospitals, Clinics, Allied Health – What your patient engagement efforts are missing.

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News & Updates

Why we should all be prepared before a health crisis.

My twins, Rachael and Jaclyn, were born far too early into a room filled with people in scrubs; one delivery team and two Neonatal Intensive Care Unit...
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Bridging the health care gap.

Think of a time when an interaction with your doctor or nurse or patient or patient’s spouse or your therapist or surgeon didn’t go as well as you think it should have, whether it was a conversation, an exam, a test, a procedure – any interaction. Was there a lack of information? A lack of…
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We coach health care consumers to be informed, assertive, collaborative, essential voices in their care.