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Are you maximizing the effectiveness of your significant investment in employee health and wellness benefits?


Employers across the US are losing revenue due to health-related loss of productivity.

The IBI (Integrated Benefits Institute) reported in November of 2018 that health-related lost productivity is costing US employers $530 billion annually. This is in addition to the $880 billion spent on health care benefits for employees and dependents.

That equates to 60 cents in lost productivity for every dollar spent on health care benefits. “…we can no longer afford to ignore the health of our workforce. These results demonstrate the need for a more holistic, integrated strategy when it comes to managing health.” (IBI, Nov. 15, 2018)

At Excitant Health, we couldn't agree more.

Integrated Benefits Institute: Poor Health Costs US Employers

From routine preventative care and wellness visits to life-threatening hospitalizations, giving your employees the tools they need to be proactive members of their health care team positively impacts every facet of their health and experience – as well as your bottom line.

The Excitant Solution

Patients can be powerful partners in their care if they’re prepared before a crisis, when they can think clearly and gain skills and understanding.

Then, when it counts, they can be instrumental in mitigating the negative and often lasting impact of that crisis.

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What this does for you.

Our interactive workshops are interesting, enlightening, fun, and empowering.

Not only will it benefit you, it’s the right thing to do. Health care professionals receive ongoing education to hone their knowledge and skills, including engaging with patients. It’s time we equipped patients – which ultimately is everyone – with knowledge and skills to engage with health care.

Large group of diverse people

Patients, Families, and Communities

It’s your life. Your health.
Be engaged.

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Health Care Systems

Hospitals, Clinics, Allied Health – What your patient engagement efforts are missing.

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We coach health care consumers to be informed, assertive, collaborative, essential voices in their care.